Qualitative Research Techniques

Using a variety of custom research tools including focus groups, one-on-one interviews, on-site intercept, retail simulation, online purchase diaries, product and pricing configuration optimization and executive interviews, we bring your target's mindset to you. By gaining insight into perceptions and reactions to your product or service offering, we help you discover the attributes and concepts that are key to your success.

Quantitative Research Techniques

The principals of Sports and Leisure Research Group have helped pioneer some of the most cutting edge applications of online marketing research, and also utilize phone surveys, mail studies and face-to-face interviewing to validate or assess perceptions, reactions and intent from a large and projectable sample of the population. We leverage the most extensive sources of sample to assure that research is conducted against a valid and representative target population, and then apply a rigorous set of analytics to derive the most poignant conclusions.

A New Model for Media
Leveraging Research to move beyond pages and clicks

Traditional media isn't fully leveraging its greatest asset----the consumers themselves, and the mutual trust we have for each other! A marketer is coming to a medium because it values access to its audience, and hopes that they can put the right message in the right environment, to captivate them towards a direct relationship with their brand. The medium is a means to an end. Traditional media research doesn't help. Because every medium has its own "I'm better than you" story, founded on poorly designed and hideously outdated currency.

So rather than fight that losing battle, Sports and Leisure Research Group takes a unique approach that leverages the already trusted relationship you enjoy with your audience towards competitive advantage for your brands and added value for your advertisers. We help media companies offer the services of their own marketing research consultancy to clients, without the overhead, and at a fraction of the cost. We can help you to evolve beyond being simple sellers of pages or clicks, to become instead, an open door to the end game that the marketer is trying to reach---access to and understanding of your customer, so they can sell to them. After all that's why they are tapping into your media vehicle!

Social Media Analysis

Measurement and analysis of online conversation is a valuable qualitative tool to assess the magnitude and tonality of consumer perceptions of your brand. Sports and Leisure Research Group can create a custom program that scrapes the social media landscape in real time, or looking backward, to uncover the breadth and depth of online dialogue, with specific parameters defined for not only your brand and its competitive set, but surrounding specific issues or attributes for which you have particular interest in learning consumer opinion. Click below for a case study that demonstrates the powerful insights that such analysis can derive.

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