Custom Marketing Research

Sports and Leisure Research Group prides itself on having a full suite of capabilities for virtually any custom research needs. Whether it's tried and true methodologies like quantitative surveys, focus groups or depth interviews, or more sophisticated multi-modal research, price elasticity testing or segmentation analysis, we find the right methodology that meets your insight objectives, budget and time expectations.

  • Brand perception research
  • Segmentation studies
  • Multivariate studies
  • Advertising research
  • Copy testing
  • Feasibility testing
  • Consumer attitude and usage studies
  • Tracking studies
  • Acceptor/ Rejector attitude Studies and Gap Analysis
  • Focus Groups
  • IDIs
  • On-Site Intercept interviewing-Specializing in golf course/stadium site intercepts
  • Ethnography
  • Price Sensitivity and Product Optimization Research
  • Marketing Effectiveness Assessment through Pre/Post Perception Studies
  • Purchase Process Research
  • Key Driver Analysis

A new model for media and agencies

Media, Sports Marketing and communications companies needn't allow clients to marginalize their services as commodities. Sports and Leisure Research Group provides these firms with our turn-key, "in-house virtual research firm" program. You get all the benefit of your own dedicated, client-centric research firm, without the overhead or high cost of traditional ad hoc outsourced solutions. Let us provide a differentiated "added value element" for you and your clients.

FROM JACK MYERS: Huffington Post - November 11, 2008

"The equity value and potential revenues being left on the table by media companies is in the billions. It is long overdue for these companies to focus on how they can wean themselves off their addiction to advertising revenues and begin capturing the other 70% to 75% of corporate marketing budgets they rarely touch."

"Media companies need to convince investors they have... vision for the future - a future in which they will be forced to be less dependent on advertising revenues."

"The focus should [be] on identifying core assets that have viable brand extension and growth potential..."

  • Therein, lies the big piece that we are still missing...we aren't fully leveraging what is now old media's greatest asset----the consumers themselves!
  • A marketer is coming to a medium because it values access to its audience, and hopes that they can put the right message in the right environment, to captivate them towards a direct relationship with their brand.
  • A custom Marketing Research Capability enables a media brand to move the advertiser from hope towards greater assurance of success and mitigate the commoditizing effects of often outdated syndicated currency.
  • Leverage Subscriber Relationships into proactive research programs that add value to an advertising buy.
  • Partner with clients to offer:
    • Online Ad concept testing
    • Product testing/optimization
    • Brand Perception Tracking
    • Acceptor/Rejector Research
    • Conversion/Behavioral Analysis
  • Transform the relationship from seller of space to consultative solutions provider:
    • A client partnership vs. an agency sell
    • Shifts the dialogue from media efficacy evaluation to partnering for optimum marketing effectiveness.
  • Over $1mm in "retail value" marketing research, conducted annually for Golf Digest Publications' advertisers at a fraction of the cost.
  • Custom Research Studies Packaged into advertising schedules that generated in excess of $30mm in revenue over each of the past two years, while growing share of advertiser
  • An average of more than 60 client studies conducted annually.
  • We function as virtual design, execute and present custom studies on behalf of advertising clients, working through existing research group or directly with sales, as desired
  • A more cost effective approach:
    • Projects billed at cost-plus 10% offers efficiencies over traditional outsourcing
    • Offered to advertisers as added value or with mark-up, at publisher discretion
    • Monthly Retainer covers management fees and provides for consultation availability and participation, where beneficial on client sales calls.

Syndicated Services

Sports and Leisure Research Group is at the cutting edge of measurement and assessment of the key industries we know and serve. Find out more about syndicated research studies and omnibus products available to our clients.

  • Sporting Goods Advertising Concept Testing/Tracking
  • Quarterly Sporting Goods/Golf Brand Health Tracker
  • Lodging and Hospitality Brand Essence and Customer Service Tracker
  • Quarterly Consumer Price Expectations Studies for Cruise Itineraries and Sporting Goods
  • Annual Sports brand Licensing Power Study
  • Sports and Leisure Consumer Sentiment Tracker
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